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2016: JCP Made an Impact

Though we’re still smack in the middle of our 2017 Annual Community Campaign and need every donor to give, we wanted to pause and share our pride in what community giving was able to accomplish in 2016, in Memphis, in Israel, and around the world.It’s because of…

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2017 Holocaust Art and Essay Contest

They are stark, profound ideas for Jewish middle and high school to ponder: the portrayal of Jews as rats, dogs, and parasites in Nazi propaganda; the Nazi obsession with racial purity; Nazi medical experimentation “for the greater good”; Nazi ideology asserting that Jews posed a serious threat to German society…

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BBYO: Forming Jewish Identity

-By Sam Canales, pictured above (second from the left) with his immediate family- brother Aaron, mother Stacy, and father Art Canales. Photos by Barry MarkowitzSam Canales read an abridged version of this speech at Jewish Community Partner’s Pillars of the Community event this week, honoring the families, organizations…

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