Mednikow Jewelers: Official Jeweler of the Memphis Lions of Judah

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Memphis Jewish Federation announces an official partnership between their Lion of Judah program and Memphis icons Mednikow Jewelers. Announced Friday, November 6, Mednikow is now the official Jeweler of the Memphis Lions of Judah. 

For many years, Mednikow Jewelers has been the jeweler partner of Federation’s Lions of Judah. Bob (right) and Jay Mednikow (left) have graciously and generously supported the Memphis Lions for decades by annually donating diamonds and other precious gems for each member’s Lion of Judah pin. As of November 6, the two entities entered an official partnership, with the goal of elevating philanthropy in Jewish Memphis.

As all Lions know, their pin is much more than a beautiful piece of jewelry. To the women who wear it, the pin is an internationally recognized symbol of philanthropy, commitment, Jewish values, and sisterhood.

Established in Memphis in 1891 by Russian immigrant Jacob Mednikow, the business operated downtown for many years, first from a location on Second Street, directly across from the Peabody Hotel and today operates from its East Memphis location on Perkins Extd.

“Mednikow is a family-owned jewelry store with an international reputation for excellence,” said Lion of Judah co-chair Debbie B. Lazarov. “Bob, president emeritus, and his son, Jay, president, have been serving generations of customers with beauty, quality, integrity, and imagination guiding their outstanding level of service for so many years.”

The Memphis Lions of Judah have been the beneficiaries of that service and the Mednikows’ commitment to their mission.

According to Jay, “The Lion of Judah pin recognizes the kind and courageous hearts of those who wear them with well-deserved pride. We are honored to have donated and set hundreds of diamonds to your noble program, making a significant piece of jewelry grow even more beautiful through the passing years.”

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