Jewish Foundation Offers Continuing Education Credits to Local Professional Advisors

by JCPConnect-

From left, Jewish Community Partners CEO Laura Linder; Eddie Thompson, founder of Thompson & Associates, a values-based estate planning firm in Nashville; Director of JFOM Programs Sarah VanderWalde; and Jewish Foundation of Memphis (JFOM) Executive Vice President Sheri Gadberry.

“Which is more important – the ability to give financially or the propensity to give? One might think it’s the person who drives a fancy car and has disposable income,” said Eddie Thompson Ed.D. of Thompson and Associates, however his research over the last thirty plus years has shown the opposite.

Sarah VanderWalde, Director of Programs at the Jewish Foundation of Memphis and Vice President of the Planned Giving Council of the Mid-South welcomed everyone to a two-hour seminar on May 5, 2022 at the Memphis Botanic Gardens that provided continuing education credits to an audience of professional advisors and nonprofit staff. Carlisle Dale, estate planning attorney at Patterson Bray and President of the Planned Giving Council introduced renowned national speaker Eddie Thompson, an expert on the subject of values-based estate planning who has planned thousands of estates, which has generated billions of dollars to charity. 

After sharing some personal stories including ones of his parents who were very poor, yet generous, Eddie asked “who is rich?” The first person to respond in the room of fifty advisors was Sandy Blockman CPA, an active member of the Jewish Foundation of Memphis’ Professional Advisory Group (PAG). Sandy answered with a quote from Pirkei Avot, “He who is happy with his lot.” And Eddie agreed, saying “wealth is relative.”

Memphis is fortunate to have many experts in law, estate planning, accounting, finance, and insurance.  This dedicated group of people make up the Jewish Foundation’s Professional Advisory Group or PAG. Instituted in 1999, the PAG has almost 100 members.

Continuing in the session was the discussion of why planned giving is so attractive to donors today.  Planned giving, also referred to as gift planning or legacy giving is any major gift made in lifetime to an endowment fund or at death as part of a donor’s overall financial and/or estate planning. These include gifts of equity, life insurance, real estate, personal property, or cash. 

“The Jewish Foundation of Memphis is the trusted partner for charitable giving in the Jewish community. These events are an example of the resources we provide our advisors, including the opportunity to receive continuing education credits,” said Jason Salomon, chair of the PAG.

Eddie closed the seminar by highlighting that today is the golden age of planned giving. Baby boomers represent 21.19% of the US population but are the sources of 43% of charitable dollars. This is the time for boomers to give and for nonprofits to seek those legacy gifts.

The Jewish Foundation of Memphis is here for the Jewish community to do just that. The staff focuses on facilitating legacy giving, supporting endowment development of its partner agencies, and maintaining relationships with local professional advisors to encourage philanthropy with the mission of building and sustaining Memphis Jewish community. If you would like to work with the Jewish Foundation to leave a legacy gift to support Jewish Memphis, call 901-374-0400 to setup a meeting.

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