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My Jewish Connections on the Rhodes College Campus

By Marisa MooreThere are currently five Jewish Community Fellows at Rhodes College. As part of their fellowship, they periodically share their experiences as Jewish college students with the larger community. Being Jewish has always been a huge part of my life. When I was younger, I attended Hebrew school…

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2016: JCP Made an Impact

Though we’re still smack in the middle of our 2017 Annual Community Campaign and need every donor to give, we wanted to pause and share our pride in what community giving was able to accomplish in 2016, in Memphis, in Israel, and around the world.It’s because of…

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JAFI: Connecting Jews to Israel

The latest download of news from our partners at The Jewish Agency for Israel is filled with stories about action, passion, and impact. Read on to learn more about the lives we change together through philanthropy. BRINGING ISRAEL TO JEWISH COMMUNITIESBuilding bridges in the face of adversity. After…

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