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“I am very excited to return to Israel as an adult. I first visited when I was 15, young and self-consumed. Now, 11 years later – years that hopefully made me wiser – I look forward to exploring the culture, history, and my own Jewish identity through new eyes,” said Rachel Rotter, a participant in Memphis Jewish Federation’s upcoming Young Adult Community Israel Trip. “I’ve always heard great things about Federation trips. I think the biggest benefit is the prospect of participating in a curated trip, which will allow participants to explore parts of Israel and themselves that they might not have thought to or been able to if they were traveling alone.”

Memphis Jewish Federation’s Young Adult Trip offers Jewish young adults a week of travel, engagement, and exploration from Sunday, February 12, through Sunday, February 19, 2023. Travelers will explore the Old City of Jerusalem, shop Israel’s iconic shuks, visit Tel Aviv’s artist market and spend Shabbat in the city, roar through Northern Israel on ATVs, relax in scenic Haifa, sample dishes from the best chefs in the country, and so much more.

Thanks to the generosity of a donor and Memphis Jewish Federation’s Lemsky Endowment Fund, the trip is heavily subsidized. The cost per participant is $2,000, excluding airfare. Travelers registering by August 15 are eligible for a 20% discount.

“Nothing compares to fresh shawarma, freshly fried falafel, and the hummus that you get in the Holy Land,” said Daniel Snyder, a Memphis Jewish Federation board member and one of the trips first registrants. “This will be my second time going to Israel, with my first time being a Birthright trip ten years ago. This time around, I’m looking forward to forming deeper bonds and building new relationships with my fellow Memphians.”

“I don’t think returning to Israel will change my relationship with my Jewish identity, but rather it will re-energize it. This will be my fourth trip, and each time I feel like I take something new home with me,” said Liza Levko, another young Memphian headed to Israel.

“Immersive experiences like this trip offer the ability to create communities in super speed, and I am excited to see where this trip leads the Memphis Jewish Young Adult community,” said Judy Lansky, Federation’s Director of Development and trip leader.

“My favorite city in Israel is Haifa, where I studied abroad in 2011,” said Judy. “There is so much diversity in the city and I especially love northern Israel because you get to see mountains and oceans. I helped plan a special stop in a Haifa Arab neighborhood called Wadi Nisnas. The neighborhood has two rival falafel stands that both claim to be the best falafel. I’m excited to take our participants to try both and of course, when we are done, we can hop down the street to another storefront with some of the most delicious baklava I have ever had!”

Reach out to Judy Lansky at for more information. To learn about the trip, the 20% discount, and to sign on to the trip, visit

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