JCP Staff Spotlight- International Women’s Day Edition: Laura Linder

by JCPConnect-

Many readers know the Jewish Community Partners staff through our work. Each Friday, you’ll hear from a different member of the team in our own words, sharing more of the story of who we are.  This week, we’re rolling out a special mid-week Staff Spotlight in recognition of International Women’s Day! On behalf of all JCP staff, we’re honored to have a strong female role model as our fearless leader. 

Laura Linder

Memphis Jewish Federation staff -1992

President and CEO

Birthplace: Fort Wayne, IN

College/Graduate school: Indiana University and University of Memphis

Do you belong to a local congregation? Yes – Temple Israel.

How long have you been a member of the Memphis community? 20 years!

Spouse and children:  Jim (spouse), our son Jonah (21) and our daughter Elie (19).

What is your job at JCP, and how long have you worked here?  I’m currently serving as President and CEO, but I’ve served in various capacities within the organizations that are managed by JCP for 16 years.

In what initiative or project of your work are/were you most emotionally invested?  Relationships with donors is certainly the aspect of my job that has the most meaning to me.

Who do you consider your most influential role model? Why? There are two women who have been the most influential in guiding and encouraging me.  I feel like I am carrying on a legacy that they started – Kay Usdan Saslawsky and Ronna Newburger.

Favorite city to visit:  Tel Aviv!

Favorite TV show or movie:  Homeland, House of Cards, Masterpiece Theater

Laura with Kay Usdan Saslawsky Z”L, an important role model.

Favorite or most impactful book:  Night by Elie Weisel

First concert:  Billy Squire at the Ft.  Wayne Coliseum.

What is your fondest memory?  The campfire at Goldman Union Camp Institute.

What do you think makes the Mid-South a good place to live?   Memphis allows for a convenient lifestyle, and there’s a real sense of community here.

Do you have any surprising or unknown talents?  I play the piano (almost) daily

Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever met? How did it happen?  Mathew Broderick – I was on the payphone in the lobby of a hotel and he was on the phone next to me!

Do you have a favorite cocktail, wine, or beer?  A lemon drop or pomegranate martini.

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