• Memphis Lion of Judah – The Lion Behind the Pin

    The Lion of Judah is one of the most successful fundraising tools in the world, raising millions of dollars every year and connecting more than 17,500 women around the world. The Lion of Judah is a symbol of today’s Jewish Woman’s strength, a symbol of her caring about the organized Jewish world. For generations, Memphis Jewish…

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  • Archive: Shabbat Shalom from Laura Linder and Guests

    Jewish Community Partners President and CEO Laura Linder, or a special guest writer, sits down most Friday mornings to write a personal and timely letter to our beloved Memphis Jewish community. June 11- Longing for an Ordinary Day (by Bluma Zuckerbrot-Finkelstein) May 14- We Stand with Israel, Now and Forever March 25- (Above) Knowing the…

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  • -by Spencer Gruber Similar to many people travelling to Israel for the first time, I was eager to learn the history behind the birthplace of our religion and people. I had heard many stories from other members of my Temple’s congregation, friends, and family members about their experiences in Israel, and one common sentiment that…

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  • “We Both Felt the Spark”

    Roger and Kathy Messigner live together inside Plough Towers, their walls covered with grandchildren’s art and math homework. Married since 2015, the two met at Plough, a place they deeply love. “October will be 15 years. I moved in with my father as his caregiver. When he passed away, I was allowed to stay,” said…

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